About Lamsa

Established in 1981 after extensive research into the traditional costumes and garments of different regions of Arabia, Lamsa specializes in designing clothing inspired by traditional embroidery and stylistic patterns of women`s dresses of the Arabian peninsula
We strive to show that the traditional costumes of Arabian women is not an anachronism, but a cherished piece of modern wardrobe.

LAMSA Since 1981
  • Traditional Saudi Dresses & Abayas. Specialising in antiques, Bedouin jewellery, crafts, swords & silver ornaments.
  • We provide the finest & most authentic traditional Saudi dresses & apparels from all over
    the Kingdom ( Najdi, Hejazi, Haili, Asiri, Sharghi )
  • Custom made dresses made from the finest fabrics. Tailoring services & bespoke embroidery.